10 minute DIY Plan Check

Determine what building codes apply to your home project in about 10 minutes.

Planchx Benefits

Save Time

Accelerate your permit drawings. With just a few clicks you’ll have a list of building code comments that are specific to your project.

Stay Organized

Our Interactive Comments feature allows you to check off the comments you’ve already addressed and minimize the view of completed comments so they’re out of your way.

Delegate Code Review

Planchx is simple enough for junior staff to use. Have them apply the code comments to your plans so you spend less time red-lining.

Prevent Project Delays

Plan check comments during city or county plan review can eat up precious time. Planchx is a powerful tool for preventing delays.

Knowledge Is Power

Planchx is also for homeowners. Understanding the building codes that apply to your project can help you communicate with you architect and keep tabs on construction.

Powerful Text Editor

Our Drawing Notes Editor allows you to select and edit the comments you'd like to list directly on your drawing sheets. Options to edit, copy or save a PDF allow you to keep your drawing styles standardized.

How It Works

The Planchx Story

An internal tool now available for all architects.


"A thousand plan check comments into my career, I knew I wouldn't last another thousand. I developed a rudimentary version of Planchx for my own office (and sanity) and was thrilled with the results. It allowed us to breeze through many plan checks without a single comment. I built Planchx to aid other architects and educate homeowners about the building codes that are essential to their projects."

Ethan Andersen, AIA